Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Crating In Dallas

There are many challenges when crating and shipping items domestically and internationally. If items aren’t packed correctly, they can become damaged or break during shipment. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about the advantages of hiring a professional company for crating in Dallas.

Will a professional packing and shipping company ship items internationally for their customers?

A company that specializes in crating and shipping will ship items anywhere in the world. Since these companies frequently ship crates internationally, they know how to properly ship items so they pass through customs without any issues. Special forms have to be filled out when shipping items to other countries so it’s wise to let an experienced company handle the packing and shipping.

Can crating and packing companies make crates for odd shaped items?

Whenever items have to be packed and shipped, a crating company will make a special crate specifically for each item. After taking the measurements of each item, a packing company takes note of any special considerations that are required for each item. This may include small or movable parts that must be packaged separately and fragile components that must be secured prior to shipping and transport. Every item is shipped in a custom made crate so that it will be fully protected and arrive undamaged.

Is it expensive to have a crating company pack and ship items?

The price to pack an item depends on the size of the item and how it must be packed. The cost of shipping an item will vary depending on the size and the weight of the item, and its shipping location. Individuals who pack and ship their own packages will have to pay for crate materials and packing supplies. They’ll also be responsible for paying the cost to ship the item to its destination. Items that aren’t crated by an experienced company may arrive damaged. It’s worth every penny to hire a professional company that specializes in crating in Dallas to ensure that the item arrives safe and undamaged.

Individuals and business owners who need professional crating services can contact Crate Master Dallas. This experienced company can crate and ship any type of item large or small, such as automobiles, industrial machine tools, conveyors, antiques and chandeliers.

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