Fuel Choices for Wood Stoves in Salt Lake City, UT

If you are looking for a way to heat your home, a stove is a great choice. They provide heat to the room in which the stove is located, as well as to adjacent rooms. Stoves come in many different materials, but cast iron is one of the most common materials used. Cast iron is a great material for wood stoves because it absorbs a lot of heat as it burns. This means that it does not lose heat quickly, even when the fire goes out. There are three different fuels to choose from, and selecting the one that is right for you is very important.

Burning Softwood

Softwood is a common fuel source for wood stoves in Salt Lake City, UT. Softwood is called such because of the way it reproduces; some softwoods can actually be harder than so-called hardwoods! However, softwoods are less dense than comparable hardwoods. They have about half as much density as hardwoods; which means they have a lot of space for air in them. That air will facilitate burning. Thus softwood burns hotter than hardwood, but it also burns about twice as fast.

Burning Hardwood

They are very dense, so after all of the air and wood alcohol have burned off, they form dense coals. These coals can stay hot for hours after the stove has stopped burning. As a result, a cast iron stove burning hardwood can stay hot for hours.

Burning Peat Fuel

Peat pellets are used by many people to fuel their wood stoves. The peat is made from natural materials that are then compressed into useful fuel. While technically a natural product, peat is considered a nonrenewable resource because it is used faster than it can be replenished.

Your choice of fuel depends on your needs and what is available in your area.

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