Garage doors Titusville, FL

Garage doors Titusville, FL

Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

There are a number of options available when you’re shopping for a garage door, and not just in terms of appearance. The look you pick out is important, but perhaps what’s even more important is the system you choose. You may select from a variety of types, but there are three main kinds of openers. To better understand which is the right one for your garage doors in Titusville, FL consider the following specifications.

Screw Drive Opener

A screw drive opener operates by rotating the trolley with a threaded steel rod. Garage doors in Titusville, FL of this type are typically an affordable option, and their simple structure means there may be less maintenance required over time. Downsides, however, include the fact that this kind of opener will likely be much louder than other kinds, so if noisiness matters to you, you might want to keep looking.

Chain Drive Opener

A chain driver opener is one of the most common kind of opener for garage doors in Titusville, FL. In it, the trolley is attached to a chain that pushes or pulls the trolley in order to open the garage door. This system is simple and pretty reliable, so it’s a popular choice among homeowners. Like a screw drive, however, it can be a bit noisy. If your garage is attached, this problem may be even worse, so consider whether this may be an issue for you.

Belt Drive Opener

A belt drive opener is the least noisy of these options as it utilizes a belt rather than a chain for its operations. Though this can make it more expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment for a homeowner with an attached garage. Since there is more hardware, they may also require more maintenance, but scheduling regular service for the unit will help avoid any otherwise unnecessary repairs. Visit the website for more information.

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