Get The Help You Need From Sexual Abuse Counseling In Chalfont, PA

Sexual abuse is an epidemic in the U.S. Statistics show a child is abused every eight minutes. It makes matters worse that most victims know the abuser. As a result, they have low self-esteem and a lot of guilt. The guilt is there because victims feel like they did something wrong. It is hard to reconcile that a loved one can violate you. As a consequence, many victims are unable to have meaningful relationships as adults. This can lead to a lifetime of isolation and loneliness.

Additionally, many victims do not have the drive to attend school or get a job. It is advisable to seek Sexual Abuse Counseling in Chalfont PA. Sadly, many victims feel counseling will not help. They do not feel worthy of being helped. Rather, abuse makes victims feel permanently damaged. Moreover, some individuals build a wall around themselves. They refuse to admit or talk about the abuse. Consequently, they end up simply existing rather than having joy in life. This pattern can lead to other issues like substance abuse. Moreover, some individuals believe they deserve to live this way. In a way, they are punishing themselves. Visiting Mary V. Shull Counseling helps get rid of the negative ideas. Further, counseling teaches victims to start fresh and build new relationships.

Counselors try several ways to reach abuse victims. Sexual Abuse Counseling in Chalfont PA takes a fresh approach. Get rid of the traditional image of laying on a couch and talking. The counselor uses Walk and Talk Therapy. This therapy combines counseling with the physical activity of walking. Interestingly, clients may feel more open in an outdoor setting. There are many reasons why Walk and Talk Therapy may work. Physical activity release endorphins. These are feel-good hormones that cause a sense of well-being. Clients need to feel more relaxed and, in turn, it opens them up to talking. Clients say the therapy works to ease depression and anxiety. If you do not want to go into the office, many counselors offer Skype therapy. Visit the therapist’s website to schedule an appointment. It is time to start trusting and loving again.

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