Why Are Earrings Important?

Why Are Earrings Important?

There is a lot of discussion over choosing the correct age at which young girls and boys should have their ears pierced. There is no simple answer to this question as the decision is often guided by culture, religion and peer pressure. Suggestions often revolve around waiting for the individual to ask, but when you are gifted your first diamond hoop earrings, you will be very pleased that you are ready.

Your Overall Look

The way you dress, the shoes you wear and your watch and jewelry collection are a total indicator of the ensemble, that is you. How you place all these pieces together is the look that you offer to the world and your diamond hoop earrings are one part of your overall appearance.

Your face is how people identify you, especially when they meet you for the first time. First impressions are concluded within the first 10 seconds of meeting an individual and as your earrings accentuate your face, they will be included when people make decisions about you.

Earrings are important because they are part of you and this is what people will see in the way that you present yourself. There are no rules and regulations because you make all the choices and final decisions.

Diamond hoop earrings are relatively small and can be worn and admired for any occasion. Individuals that only wear small earrings dependably, will be recognized for their consistency. Other folks will choose large hearings as a part of their identity, while others can mix and match between small delicate diamond earrings one day and something extremely extravagant and large, the next.

Your choice of earrings is, on occasions, linked to how classy you wish to feel for the event you are attending. They may not be the same jewelry pieces that you will wear during your daily habits and customs.

Without earrings, you may feel completely naked while being completely dressed, except for your earrings. They complete you and say a lot about your feelings, emotions and attitude.

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