Impressive Variety in the Breezesta Ridgeline Collection

Impressive Variety in the Breezesta Ridgeline Collection

The Breezesta Ridgeline Collection of furniture has an impressive variety of benches and chairs to suit any setting in your home; either inside your home or outside in your yard or patio.

On Your Patio or Porch

Breezesta Ridgeline Collection has an offering for your patio in the form of patio chairs. Sturdy and comfortable without side arms, this is good for just a quick chat with a visitor or for you to sit and relax in the sunshine.

In Your Dining Room

A dining side chair for a little child at the dining table and a captain’s chair for an adult. The Ridgeline Collection also has the captain’s bar chair or the captain’s counter chair for you, when you want to enjoy a drink at the bar.

Outside in Your Garden

You can use a garden chair that has arms, so you can just sit on it and contemplate life, or rest after planting for spring. Or spend time with a family member on a garden bench, or chair to discuss the next family get-together.

A swinging bench can help with family bonding, while you discuss family matters.

Anywhere Inside your Home

A high back rocking chair for you or a double high-back rocking bench for the two of you can be used anywhere inside your home or patio.

A gliding bench can be placed in a patio or porch so you can watch the world go by and greet your passing neighbors.

You probably agree that Breezesta Ridgeline Collection has an impressive variety.

Your Furniture Supplier

Breezesta Furniture can be contacted on their sales and customer service number at 1-800-357-5044. They operate from Stuart, Florida but deal with customers, all over the country. The sales people out there display a “whatever it takes” attitude to ensure your shopping experience is a very good experience for you. You can connect with them on Facebook for more information.

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