Getting an MBBS in America

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Education

Many aspiring medical students dream of getting an MBBS in America. The MBBS degree is a ticket to practicing as a medical doctor or surgeon. Although many students spend large amounts of money and time pursuing their degrees, it is possible to go the MBBS route inexpensively. Many doctors have an MD, but you can practice medicine with an MBBS. However, many medical students see it as a first step towards an MD.

What Is an MBBS Program?

An MBBS program is an undergraduate degree focused on the practice of medicine. First-year students learn anatomy and other basic medical subjects. In other years, they learn microbiology, forensic medicine, and other topics. After four and a half years of study, students pursue internships which give them practical knowledge and experience. After that, graduates either practice medicine or go on to an MD. The internship can be with a nearby hospital and you will be assisting medical staff treating patients. In addition, students can observe the decision making process doctors make.

How to Qualify for an MBBS Program?

To apply for an MBBS in America, you need transcripts showing the right courses and a high grade point average. A pre-med program is not required, but it is important to have taken plenty of biology and chemistry courses. Prospective students for an MBBS in America need to take an MCAT or a medical standardized test. This test covers topics such as biology, chemistry, medical reasoning and critical thinking.

Once you have transcripts and have completed your MCAT, you can apply for MBBS programs. It is important to seek consultation and do research on which programs suit your lifestyle and goals for the future.

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