Getting Ready for a New Air Conditioning System Installation in Tucson, AZ

The older heating and cooling system will not make it through another summer. Now is the right time to invest in a new Air Conditioning System Installation in Tucson AZ. Before the team shows up to install that new unit, it pays to make preparations that will speed up the process. Here are a few things the homeowner can do the morning of the installation.

Park on the Street

The team managing the Air Conditioning System Installation in Tucson AZ will need to haul in tools, equipment, and the new unit itself. Choosing to provide them with full use of the driveway makes things easier for everyone concerned. Since they will be able to park close to the home, there’s less steps involved in terms of unloading and transporting the unit to the right location. They will also be closer to the equipment truck when and as they need to retrieve something.

Drop Cloths are a Must

During the installation, the team members will need to move in and out of the house quickly. Use drop cloths to create paths from the front and back doors to the attic door. More drop cloths that lead to the controls and the air returns are also good ideas. Doing so means the team does not have to worry about tracking in the dirt as they work.

Confine the Pets

The family dog may be friendly, but now is not the time to explain that to the installation team. They are there to work and shouldn’t have to keep an eye out for the pet. If it’s not possible to place the dog in a room that the team will not need to enter, ask a neighbour to pet sit for the day. It will be easy to come up with some way to return the favor later on.

There’s no reason to swelter during the summer heat. Call the team at Arico Plumbing Heating Cooling today and arrange for a contractor to drop by the home. It won’t take long to determine what type of replacement system would do the job, go over features that the client would enjoy, and set a date for the installation.

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