Going Green and Getting Clean

Going Green and Getting Clean

Many business owners know that hiring a professional cleaner can be beneficial and more convenient. But did you know that your professional cleaner can help your company become more “green”? By green, we mean more eco-friendly and conscious of the world and the damage that we make to it on a day to day basis. Some San Francisco janitorial companies will take steps to help your business make the switch.

Safer Cleaners

Professionals will use cleaners that are less harsh and better for the environment. Using safer cleaners can not only help the environment, but it can also be better for the surfaces that the cleaner is used on. These cleaners are typically less abrasive and don’t cause corroding or scratches on surfaces. Although these can be considered gentler cleaners, they don’t lack at all in the cleaning aspect.

Supplying Products

Some companies will even take it a step farther and not only use compostable and environmentally friendly products, they will supply your business with them as well. They can offer paper towels that are made from recycled materials, trash bags that can be compostable and simple cleaners for spot cleaning you may have to do throughout the day. Some companies will also take out the paper towel dispensers in your bathrooms and add state of the air hand dryers. Hand dryers may take longer, but they are better for the environment and save trees.

LEED Certified

A professional cleaning service might also be able to help your building become LEED certified. If you would like your company to become LEED certified, cleaning companies can help you to earn points towards your certification by using cleaning products that are approved. Being LEED certified means that your building uses energy more efficiently; this can help your business save money and make more in profits. Spending less money on utilities and paper products can help boost profits as well.

Maintenance Systems Management Inc is a San Francisco janitorial company that can help your business go green. You can find their mission and services at www.msm-inc.com.

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