Grinder Bits and Grit

Grinder Bits and Grit

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist chances are you going to need grinder bits at some point in your project. There is a grinder bit for every job, and if you shop around you can find some robust bits for a good price. Usually, a grinder bit comes with your tool, but eventually you are going to need a replacement bit. They come in a wide variety of sizes and materials, and they are inexpensive enough to keep a few different types in your tool box.

Standard Bits
Bits are also labeled fine, standard and coarse grit and variations in between, so it’s important to know your job. Grinder bits are not only denoted by size such as ¾ but also are graded in grit. The grit is what gives you the finish, and standard grit bits produce a fast and smooth finish, For example, a 100 grit bit is safe for fused glass, and because it doesn’t leave reside on the glass, the glass is safe to go into a kiln.

Coarse Bits
Coarse bits are faster than finer bits but don’t produce as smooth a finish as the finer bits. They may cause chipping, but when you need speed above anything else, they are the bit for the job. If you are working with glass, you will want to cover the edges in foil or lead to protect them. A 60 grit bit is a coarse grinder bit, and they are very long lasting.

Fine Bits
A fine grit bit grinds much slower than either standard or coarse bits, but the finish is much smoother. Fine grinder bits are 200 grit or above, and they are the best bits for softer surfaces. With these bits, there is no need to protect edges, and an ultra fine bit is also available. The ultra fine bits are 600 grit, and they are good for polishing metals and glass.

Grinder bits come brazed and bonded and in diamond finishes, and a ripple bit will even shape glass. Diamond bits are long lasting, and a dressing stone is available to sharpen them. All the bits are reasonable priced, and it’s smart to keep a variety in your tool box.

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