Hands Down, Hand Dryers Beat Paper Towels

In businesses and public buildings everywhere, electric hand dryers are replacing paper towels as the preferred method for drying hands. That’s for good reason. If you are wondering whether to buy restroom hand dryer or stick with conventional paper towels, you should understand the many benefits of switching to a hand dryer.

Many people these days are considering the environment. An easy way to help protect the planet is to install and use electric hand dryers in the bathroom. While these dryers and conventional paper towels both consume resources, electric hand dryers are much more efficient than paper towels. If you think about, it makes sense. Paper towels are made from trees, a slow-to-renew resource. Manufacturers also heavily process disposable towels, consuming a tremendous amount of energy in the process. Shipping uses even more energy. Then, after usage, paper towels fill up landfills, taking up to a hundred years to decompose.

By contrast, those who buy restroom hand dryer interrupt much of the energy consumption chain of conventional disposable towels. Sure, these dryers are made from plastic, metal, and other resources in factories that use energy. But, since they last a very long time, dryers rarely need to be replaced. Modern models also use very little electricity. On average, then, restroom hand dryers use significantly less energy than paper towels. Not only does that help the environment, it allows business owners to meet tight budgets.

Hand dryers also appeal to business owners who want to maintain tidy restrooms. Paper towels quickly fill up trashcans. They are also easy to litter in unintended places throughout the restroom. By switching to electric dryers, business owners remove a source of trash. That promotes cleanliness and appeals to customers.

For a variety of reasons, choosing to buy restroom hand dryer is a good idea for business owners. The right restroom hand dryer beats traditional paper towels hands down.

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