3 Reasons To Hire A Religious Employment Discrimination Lawyer In Medinah

3 Reasons To Hire A Religious Employment Discrimination Lawyer In Medinah

Religious discrimination occurs when, as per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a person is looked upon unfavorably because of their choice of religion, specifically when that person is treated unfairly by being exempted from opportunities in the job market or elsewhere on the basis of their religious beliefs.

This counts for all organized religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, etc., and other religious beliefs and ethical or moral beliefs, including animal abolitionism and other similar views.

Religious discrimination can occur on several levels, but perhaps the most common and drastic occurs on a level between employees and employers, where potential employees are withheld a position at a company simply for their views, or where an existing employee is fired because the employers discovered that they are in a religion they do not agree with.

It can also occur on the basis of association, such as being discriminated against because a member of your family, or your spouse, is in a religion that is being unfavorably viewed upon.

Here are a few cases where a religious employment discrimination expert in Medinah like those at the law offices of Michael Smith can help you out:

Your pay has been docked.

The most common way to be discriminated against short of being fired, is by being put in a vulnerable position with lower pay. This can be protested through the law, as it is illegal to alter the terms of a contract of employment on no proper legal basis.

You’re fired or laid off.

Likewise, if you’ve been terminated from your job and you have no reason to suspect that it is anything other than discrimination – and perhaps specifically discrimination on part of your religion.

You’re exempted from a promotion.

Finally, it is completely illegal not to be given the same opportunities as the next hard working American simply due to your religion. If you suspect that you did not receive a promotion because, despite being the harder worker, you weren’t of a favorable religion, then you have the right to call a lawyer.

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