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The Earth is a fascinating celestial body. Sitting perfectly in the Goldilocks zone, it allows for the development and sustaining of life. It has flowing surface water, reasonable temperatures, and a perfect mixture of chemicals in the air to support both plant life as well as more complex lifeforms like humans. Unfortunately, it is due to the latter that the Earth is becoming sickly. Industry and processing of oil have led to massive pollution problems all over the world. These affect the livelihoods and quality of life of billions of people from every corner of the globe.

Millions of years ago dinosaurs walked the surface of the Earth. As they died their bodies decomposed and over the next few million years their organic matter became the black gold people know as oil today. Now it is pumped from the ground and sent miles away for processing in an oil refinery. This is done by boiling the crude oil and it eventually separates. After being refined, it is sent off to several different locations. However, there are massive ramifications when this oil is leaked into the environment or disposed of improperly. It can lead to the destruction of animal habitats and poisoning of actual life. When creatures lower on the food chain consume the pollutant it can work its way up through the food chain in a process called bioaccumulate. However, there are ways to dispose of oil properly and safely. Companies like ORI Environmental work to ensure the safety of the Earth’s environment by offering services to clean up chemical and oil spills. ORI Environmental can also properly dispose of used oil and chemical waste.

The modern world uses a massive amount of oil every year. This non-renewable resource has a very high energy conversion rate, far above that of sources like wind and solar. Because of that it is still heavily relied upon every day. But this dependency leads to a lot of environmental problems when it is handled or disposed of improperly. On the news, people hear horror stories of oil spills that devastate local communities. If you see one of these disasters, please Contact ORI Environmental so they can help keep the ecosystems healthy.

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