A Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia Explains Why a Simple Assault Is Rarely Simple

In many states, a simple assault is charged and completed in a relatively simple manner. A simple assault enforces no strong, extreme, or grossly malicious intent. It does not often result in jail time. A simple assault could be as simple as a verbal threat. A mistake, sure, but not necessarily a big court case.

The exception to the rule may rest in Philadelphia. A criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia will often see a very complicated simple assault case. Receiving defense in this area can be problematic in Philadelphia because this state has a high rate of domestic abuse scandals and reports. However, they are fighting against this trend, and going hard against simple assault with a domestic origin.

A simple assault, by definition, could consist of a strong verbal threat or a physical action, such as pushing. No bruising is involved. Simple assault is a situation not elevated to aggravated levels of assault, but certainly aggressive.

Unfortunately, domestic situations can often teeter on this line. It becomes questionable about whether something was aggravated or simple. For example, a spouse could intensify the situation on their own accord, and incite the other spouse to take action. Alcohol is often involved.

The matter is more complicated than a bar fight between non-sober strangers (where a sobering up is likely to solve the problem). Domestic issues are constant, and often especially affecting. Compound the problem of the state pushing against domestic assaults, and the formula could be disastrous.

What begins as a stated simple assault could end in jail time. It could end in an aggravated assault charge. A criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia recommends taking swift action, and that clients take responsibility and show a clear willingness to work it out. Visit website for a free consultation. Pride can often get in the way of making a logical decision moving forward. One can rarely predict the actions of another, especially after being assaulted in some way. Despite the name, a simple assault is rarely simple in Philadelphia. Delicate care may be needed to navigate these tight corridors of the law.

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