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by | Jul 18, 2016 | Snow Removal

Northern Ohio can experience an average of 20 to 35 days of snowfall every year. In particular, Toledo, Ohio has an average annual snowfall of 29.7 to 33.8 inches. While this type of precipitation can be beautiful and fun to play in, it can also pose a hazard for individuals. Snow can create a slick walking surface and cause roadways to become dangerous. To remove snow in a safe manner, it’s a good idea to use Snow Services Bowling Green Ohio offered by a reputable provider. These tips can assist with finding the right expert.

Start looking for a service provider to getting a few referrals from reliable homeowners and business owners. Collect these from people who have used a particular service provider numerous times if possible. Have a few questions ready to ask to assess the ability of a snow removal specialist to meet your needs. Before asking these questions, know what you want. For example, are you looking for regular snow removal or simply a one-time service? The following are a few questions to ask when gathering referrals:

* What types of snow removal services do you offer?
* How do you secure the work area?
* What precautions do you take to prevent injury to bystanders and damage to property?
* What equipment do you use?
* Do you use environmentally friendly chemicals?
* Can you provide proof of insurance?
* What training do your technicians have?

After these questions are answered, choose two service providers. Find out if any customers have filed complaints against either one. Remember that most service providers will have at least a few grievances lodged against them while in business. The Better Business Bureau logs complaints filed by customers. This non-profit organization offers free business reviews so consumers can learn how services were conducted. It’s preferable to concentrate on how a complaint was handled. All complaints should be addressed by a service provider, regardless of the type of grievance. After doing this with both snow removal experts, choose a company that seems to possess the best qualifications. For information on Snow Services Bowling Green Ohio, please visit  or talk to a specialist with Toledo Snow Control.

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