Avoid These Errors with the Help of Personal Injury Lawyers in Tacoma, WA

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Lawyers

Accidents are by nature unpredictable, and they can leave a victim not knowing what they should do next. Stress and expense are common among personal injury claimants, but it is important to be careful. Learning how it’s possible to harm a claim can help one get the settlement they deserve. Below are several mistakes to avoid during the claims process.

Failing to Provide Sufficient Documentation

It’s vital for the victim to document the accident and their injuries as soon as possible so the event is still fresh in their memory. It may be helpful to keep a journal of pain, discomfort and other types of distress, as personal injury lawyers in Tacoma, WA can use it as proof of damages.

Not Preserving Evidence

Physical evidence is a key factor in the determination of liability. Without photos or another preservation method, it can be impossible for the team at website to prove another party’s negligence.

Settling Too Quickly

Once the settlement agreement is signed, the case is closed and the victim loses the right to litigate further. One should never sign the first offer they receive, especially if they’re still under treatment for accident-related injuries.

Lying to a Doctor or Attorney

One can jeopardize their case by being dishonest about the incident or their injuries. It pays to be honest because one never knows how a seemingly insignificant fact can affect a personal injury claim. If a person has a pre-existing condition, an attorney can determine whether it will affect the claim. The lawyer is there to help the victim, and hiding information can prevent them from rendering aid.

Why a Victim Should File a Claim

Sustaining injuries from a dog bite, auto accident or slip and fall can leave a person with high medical bills, and even out of work. Pursuing a claim can help a victim get compensation for the mental, physical and emotional stress of an accident, and it can help one avoid dealing with the insurance company. Filing a claim can be hard, but personal injury lawyers in Tacoma, WA can make the process more bearable.

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