High-End Jewelry Packaging – Keeping your Customer’s Keepsakes Safe

Sure, in some respects it’s just a box. But this is a box that holds promise for the future and treasures from the past. It’s a treasure chest, of sorts.

Presentation Counts
When your customers are purchasing high-end jewelry, they want to know that it is being kept in a way that keeps it safe, secure, and presents it impressively as it is opened. Details matter. There should be enough cushioning to keep chains from knotting, enough of a stand so that a ring stands up, and the design of the package should be created in such a way to highlight the beauty of each piece. Let’s be honest. Even the most beautiful of bracelets jammed into the corner of a cardboard box will not look as pretty as the one presented in a velvet-lined case stretched out carefully. Appearances matter. And your customer’s purchase reflects on you and your business.

Safety First
When your customers invest in a piece of high-end jewelry, you want to be sure to protect that investment. How you keep it and what you give it to them in affects not only how it will look when the box is opened, but how it stays inside the box. Earrings may be exquisite, but only if you still have both of them. Many “economy” jewelry boxes contain paper inserts. Paper can rip. High-end jewelry packaging, however, with inserts of satin or leatherette, can keep your and your customer’s investment secure.

Appearances Matter
Whether your customers are buying a gift for themselves or a special someone in their lives, you want the quality of the packaging to reflect the quality of the treasures they hold. high-end jewelry packaging has a more luxurious look and feel, does a better job protecting your and their investment, and makes for a more impressive presentation. When your customers have chosen to buy a quality piece of jewelry, make sure you make the right choice in your packaging as well. With choices from velour and leatherette to wood and satin, there are a plethora of choices available to suit every need.

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