High Quality, Low Cost Auto Parts

High Quality, Low Cost Auto Parts

Cars are far more sophisticated than they were some years ago, as a result there are fewer “backyard mechanics” looking to save money by purchasing wholesale auto parts in Chicago in an effort to save repair and maintenance costs. Having said this, there are still many older cars that have been kept in excellent condition by the same breed of mechanic.

Choice of car parts:

For those car owners that rely on their dealer for repairs and maintenance, they can rest assured that the parts that are used are original parts that were used during vehicle assembly. If, on the other hand, you are comfortable with having an independent repair facility to look after your car chances are they will use aftermarket parts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this; aftermarket wholesale auto parts in Chicago are not of lesser quality and do the job perfectly well.

What are aftermarket parts?

Basically, an aftermarket car part is one that is sourced from any vendor other than the vehicle manufacturer. Most aftermarket parts are considered to be direct replacements and do not void the warranty on your car. Aftermarket parts are designed and manufactured to a very high standard, they function as well, if not better, than OEM parts.

The pros of buying aftermarket parts:

There are a number of genuine reasons why buying wholesale auto parts in Chicago makes a great deal of sense, they include:

  • Cost: Needless to say, aftermarket parts are less expensive than OEM parts. Many OEM parts are marked up two, three or four times as the factory is of the opinion they have a captive market. Always check the price of OEM parts and then look for aftermarket parts, the difference in price will surprise you.
  • Quality: Do not be concerned that aftermarket wholesale auto parts in Chicago are inferior, they are not. After market part manufacturers “reverse engineer” the parts, in many cases they engineer inherent weaknesses out which results in a better part.

When you are doing your own repairs or having an independent look after your car, do not hesitate to use high quality aftermarket parts; equal or better quality at a lower cost.

If you are looking for high quality wholesale auto parts in Chicago you are invited to visit Aero Auto Parts. Aero have been serving the community with quality auto parts for over 50 years.

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