How to Install Composite Edging in Greenwood, IN

Creating a well-integrated landscape can be quite challenging, but with the right tools and a solid design, it can also be extremely satisfying. Installing Composite Edging in Greenwood IN is one easy way to create dynamic boundaries between lawns and gardens, and it is a project that is simple enough for many handy homeowners to complete themselves. Follow the steps below to complete a beautiful home landscaping project that will leave any yard looking more beautiful.

Step One

Stretch out the composite edging material and lay it flat. This will help to remove some of the curls it has acquired during storage. Leave it flat while the ground where it is to be installed is being prepared.

Step Two

Use landscaping paint to delineate exactly where the edging will be installed, then run a garden hose or a piece of rope along the paint line, shaping it to match any curves. Stretch out the length of hose or rope and use it to measure how much edging will be needed. If the edging is too long, cut it to fit using a hacksaw.

Step Three

Dig a trench along the line. The trench should be about a half inch shorter than the edging being used, and all of the dirt that has been removed should be placed to the side for later use.

Step Four

Insert edging stakes into the bottom of the trench four to five feet apart and tap them into the ground. The stakes should stick out of the ground about one inch.

Step Five

Install the edging along the stakes, starting at one end and working toward the opposite. It should be tapped down to the desired height as it is installed with a rubber mallet.

Step Six

Using the excess dirt, backfill the trench and tamp down the dirt along the sides, then wet the soil to ensure that it is completely settled. Low spots can be filled in with leftover soil, leaving the proud homeowner with newly installed and beautiful Composite Edging in Greenwood IN.

For best results, purchase only high-quality edging materials such as those provided by Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply Inc. Browse the website for more information.

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