How a Property Damage Attorney in Florida Can Help You

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Insurance

People like to think that having homeowner’s insurance is a truly helpful thing. They are understandably worried about the possibility of something happening to their home, and not having the money to fix it all on their own. The insurance companies know this and play upon the natural fears people have to get them to pay high monthly premiums. In this way, people think they are covered should any kind of disaster strike, but the truth is that all too often, insurance companies refuse to pay out without a helpful nudge or threat from a property damage attorney.

Property Can Be Damaged in Many Ways

Each summer, whenever storm season rolls around, homeowners get ready for the possibility that nature’s fury will negatively affect their home. High winds can knock over trees, which fall on your roof. Water damage caused by flooding or a hurricane can ruin your electronics and furniture, and leave a legacy of mildew and mold issues if not properly cleaned up. All this can result in extensive repairs and expensive repair bills, not all of which will be compensated for by an insurance company. They often have very strict guidelines regarding which circumstances merit actually paying out when a claim is filed.

It’s also worth noting that property damage can result from causes beyond the natural. Water damage, for instance, can unexpectedly happen as a result of a burst pipe. You didn’t plan for it to happen, but the end result will be the same as if the damage happened during a flood. A fire can also break out for a variety of reasons, and fire damage can do more than simply ruin your belongings – it can weaken the entire structural integrity of your home. In both cases, the event was unpredictable. However, go to an insurance company with your story and you might find yourself stonewalled as you seek compensation to cover repair costs.

At times like that, you’ll be glad to have a property damage attorney in Florida who is prepared to help you reap the fruit of all those monthly policy payments.

How Insurance Companies Can Add Insult to Injury

Insurance companies are notorious for collecting high premiums from people like you and then being stingy about paying out when you need to collect. It’s a bit of a raw deal for policyholders, but the companies are less concerned with helping you and more concerned with their bottom line. They are businesses first, after all. In times of natural disaster, they also might be faced with many different claims that, if paid out all at once without verification, could put them out of business. Sadly, this means that if you want money, you may need to back up your claim with the help of a property damage attorney.

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