How a Truck Accident Injury Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Is of Great Help to a Victim

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Lawyers

Individuals often wonder if they need to hire an attorney after they have been injured in a truck accident. A truck accident injury lawyer in Pittsburgh PA becomes of great help at this time. He or she takes on a variety of tasks that will be of benefit to the victim as the case moves forward. Following are some of these tasks.

Determining Liability

Victims often blame the driver of the truck when they are injured in an accident of this type. However, other parties may also play a role in the accident and can be held accountable for their negligence. This may include the truck owner or the manufacturer of the vehicle. The accident may be a result of a defective part, and the maker of this part can also be held responsible. The attorney works to make certain all parties that played a role in the accident are identified before moving forward with the case.

Assessing Damages

Furthermore, a victim may request compensation for his or her injuries and time lost from work. What this person may not realize is the responsible parties can be made to pay for other expense arising from the accident. For example, if a sitter needs to be brought in while one parent takes the other to various doctor appointments, those liable for the accident may be required to cover these expenses. The attorney works to ensure no expenses are overlooked.

The Law

The statute of limitations and safety regulations may play a role in the outcome of the case. The attorney is there to ensure the victim does not accidentally miss a deadline or finds case law that can have an impact on the case. The average person doesn’t have this knowledge, so the attorney is needed to make certain nothing is unintentionally overlooked.

If you feel you need a truck accident injury lawyer in Pittsburgh PA, contact us. The team is happy to sit down with victims to determine whether they should move forward with a case. Due to the sheer size of these vehicles, the injuries sustained tend to be very severe. Don’t allow the responsible party to walk away with no consequences. They may injure someone else when this is the case. For this reason, every person injured in an accident of this type should obtain legal advice promptly.

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