How Are Trucking Accidents In Upper Marlboro Managed?

How Are Trucking Accidents In Upper Marlboro Managed?

In Maryland, trucking accidents require more complex assessments than standard auto accidents. Specific laws and regulations apply to 18-wheeler drivers. The regulations could lead to further penalties for the drivers and their company. A local attorney helps victims who were injured in Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro.

The Role of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

All truck drivers are required by federal law to follow specific regulations when operating an 18-wheeler. First, the company must restrict the driver’s operating hours to no more than fourteen. All drivers who have operated the vehicles for fourteen hours must take at least an eight-hour resting period. A failure to comply is a direct violation of the law. It could lead to exhausted driving which is a known cause of trucking accidents.

Investigating the Driver’s Liability

Once it is determined that the truck driver caused the accident, law enforcement must determine if the driver maintained a log of their hours of operations. The log must show that the driver followed federal laws related to exhausted driving. Any violation of the law leads to penalties for the driver and the trucking company.

Testing for Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Law enforcement officers must also test the driver for alcohol and controlled substances. Any instance of a DUI leads to criminal charges against the driver. The criminal case opens the door for restitution for the accident victim if the driver is convicted.

Filing a Civil Claim

The accident victim has the right to file a civil claim against the at-fault driver. The claim reflects all financial losses for the victim. Tort-based compensation is often awarded for victims with severe injuries. The outcome of the criminal case won’t affect the victim’s chances of collecting in a civil lawsuit.

In Maryland, trucking accidents are more complex and require an advanced understanding of federal regulations. All 18-wheeler drivers must adhere to the federal regulations or lose their commercial driving license. If the driver causes an accident, their employer could face serious liabilities based on the victim’s injuries. Victims who were injured in Trucking Accidents in Upper Marlboro contact Jaklitsch Law Group to start a legal claim right now.

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