How can promotional banners be used?

Promotional banners vary considerably in shape, design and material. Many banners are produced for a specific event such as a yard sale while others can be used over and over if the message is generic in content. Although it is possible to produce banners from kits and pre-cut lettering the most attractive and eye catching banners in St. Augustine are produced by companies that have all the right equipment and specialize in business printing. Banners can be produced in any color literally and can be very large.

Years ago promotional banners were predominately made from a canvas material and the message was applied by hand. This is no longer the case, today the majority of banners are printed on heavy gauge vinyl which is very durable and can stand up to long term exposure to the elements without degrading. Banners are often strung across a store front and to facilitate hanging they are complete with a number of equally spaced grommets which stop the banner from filling with air like a sail and ripping.

Banners that are used outdoors are usually vinyl but there are still places where lighter materials are used. What are called “sail banners” are ideal for indoor trade shows but don’t stand up well to the elements. There are also portable banners in St. Augustine that retract when not in use, these are often seen at portable kiosks which are often set up in shopping malls.

There is very little difference between a promotional banner and a promotional flag other than the way in which they are hung. A banner is thought of as something that is installed horizontally and tied at either end, flags on the other hand are suspended in a vertical plane from the top only; this allows them to fly in the breeze. Rectangular banners in St. Augustine are the most common but they can be produced in a variety of shapes including curves.

Printing techniques also vary. Modern graphics printing machines makes it possible to design and produce banners that include photographs and other complicated designs. Some banners, due to their size are produced using vector graphics. Many companies who produce these vinyl banners offer design consultation, offering advice based on their experiences. Although it is rarely used because it is not nearly as attractive as a printed banner is one simply made from adhesive backed vinyl lettering, this is better left for printing on rigid surfaces such as shop windows.

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