Questions that a Siding Contractor in Frankfort IL Can Answer

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As part of the home renovation project, the homeowner has decided to replace all the windows and add siding to the exterior. While that sounds easy enough, there are plenty of decisions that still must be made. Here are some of the questions to ask a Siding Contractor in Frankfort IL before the work actually begins.

Which Type of Siding is Best?

As the Siding Contractor in Frankfort IL, there are several different options to consider. The contractor will go over each one with the homeowner, addressing points such as price, insulating capability, and how well the materials hold up to constant exposure to the elements. As the contractor will explain, the goal is not to determine which type is best overall, but which one is the best fit for the circumstances of the individual homeowner.

How Long Will the Work Take?

The contractor can provide an estimate of how long it will take to complete the window replacement and have the new siding in place. This is projected based on the size of the house and the number of windows included in the structure. Expect the projection to also allow a little bit of extra room, especially if there is reason to believe that the weather will not cooperate every day between the start date and the completion of the installation.

What Sort of Guarantee and Warranty Come with the Installation?

The savvy homeowner wants to know there are some protections that come along with the new installation. Contractors will go over the details of the guarantee, including how long it will be in force. As for the warranty, the contractor can provide a written copy of the terms so there is no question regarding what type of events are covered.

For homeowners who are ready to consider the idea of new windows and siding, visit this site right here. Take the time to learn the basics about siding, and why new windows are often recommended as part of the package. From there, it will be easy to get an idea of how to set up an appointment with a contractor, how the job will be structured, and what to expect in the way of benefits in the years to come.

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