How Practical Divorce Lawyers in Scranton, PA Will Ultimately Win Your Case

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Lawyers

When going through a contentious divorce or separation, there is an urge to hire the most fierce and hard-hitting attorney in Pennsylvania. That is understandable. The emotional rollercoaster of a divorce or separation makes it seem that the right course of action is to be vicious and hurtful to your former spouse. However, divorce lawyers who approach even the most contentious divorce in a practical manner, will ultimately win the day for your case.

Do Not Sacrifice Passionate Counsel

Approaching divorce from a practical and rational standpoint does not mean sacrificing in terms of alimony, child support, child custody, or the many other important assets and benefits that must be divided in a divorce. In fact, a practical approach to dividing possessions and determining parenting arrangements will often have more sway with a mediator or judge. Unlike emotional tirades and nonsensical arguments, a calm, well thought out, and collected approach to the situation shows dedication to clients without escalating the negative emotions or feelings of a case.

The attorneys at O’Malley Law Offices, LLC can be contacted at for more information about divorce lawyers who are passionate about their clients but realistic about the circumstances of a case. As well, a good lawyer will be up front and honest with clients about the likely outcome of a case, and how a solid presentation of the evidence could affect that result. There is no need to scream or yell to influence the results of a difficult divorce.

After-Effects of a Divorce Case

Also, there is always life after the court case. In a town the size of Scranton, PA it is likely that you will continue to see the same people and shop the same places as your former spouse. For others, there are children to co-parent. For this reason, divorce lawyers in Scranton, PA who encourages you to remain civil during the divorce process are setting you up for a better situation when the case is closed and the checks are written.

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