5 Things Workers Compensation Attorneys in Kendallville, Indiana Can Do

5 Things Workers Compensation Attorneys in Kendallville, Indiana Can Do

The workers compensation system compensates employees who are hurt on the job, and it eliminates the need for many personal injury lawsuits. The system is no-fault, which means negligence is not a factor for either party. However, filing a claim can be a frustrating process, especially when the claim is denied. Hiring an attorney may be the only way for a client to get the compensation for which they are eligible. Below are several things workers comp lawyers with Thomas Law Firm PC can do that clients cannot.

Tell the Client Whether the Injury Qualifies

Not all workplace injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation. A work-related injury can be any number of things, and it can occur on the employer’s premises or during a work event. A lawyer can tell a client whether their injury is covered under workers’ compensation.

File the Claim Properly

The first part of receiving benefits is filing the claim. A workers comp claim can involve more than one set of documents and state laws. However, Workers Compensation Attorneys Kendallville Indiana can ensure that the claim is filed correctly and promptly.

Handle Appeals

If an employee’s workers comp claim is denied, they may be able to file an appeal. Workers compensation attorneys in Kendallville Indiana can provide help and legal advice throughout the process.

File a Suit

In some cases, workers comp benefits are not enough to compensate the worker for their injuries and costs. In such instances, an attorney can help the client decide whether to continue with a claim for compensation or file a civil claim.

Discuss Additional Benefits

Sometimes, clients collecting workers comp benefits may be eligible for disability payments as well. Disability and unemployment benefits may be required before workers comp benefits are given. An attorney can help the client ensure they get all the benefits to which they are entitled.

A workplace injury may seem minor at first, but these events can have lasting consequences. An accident can cause a person to lose their current and future earnings potential, but the workers compensation system is there to protect injured workers. By hiring Workers Compensation Attorneys Kendallville Indiana, the client can get everything they deserve and remain in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

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