How To Get Ready For Bed Bug Preparation In Queens

How To Get Ready For Bed Bug Preparation In Queens

A bed bug infestation not only leaves those in a home covered in painful and itchy bites, but it will quickly overtake every room and spread to every piece of furniture and article of clothing. No matter what an over the counter product may claim, the only way to completely eradicate a bed bug infestation is to hire a professional exterminator. The following looks at what is involved with the process and how to get ready for Bed Bug Preparation in Queens.

Remove Any Fabric Items

The goal when exterminating bed bugs is to remove any items that are a potential nesting site, which includes clothing and other fabric items. Wash the articles in the hottest water possible and use a strong detergent to help kill them and get rid of any eggs that may exist. Once they are washed, dry them, preferably in a drier that is equipped with a sanitizing setting or offers a hotter than usual drying temperature.

Inspect All Areas

Though bed bugs are most attracted to porous surfaces, it is possible for them to colonize in books, magazines and on the underside of wood furniture. Inspect all of these items in a home and determine if an infestation has spread. Be sure to alert the exterminator to any new sightings and make sure the area is easily accessible so that they may treat the infected furniture as quickly as possible.

Remove Bed Sheets

As with clothing when dealing with Bed Bug Preparation in Queens, it is also crucial to remove any bed sheets, blankets, and pillows from a bed. If an item is not washable, then place it in a drier at the highest possible setting. If the objects need to be transported to a laundromat, wrap them in a large plastic bag and seal it as tightly as possible to prevent the bugs from spreading to the interior of a car.

The right preparations will help an exterminator do their job more thoroughly and prevent an infestation from reoccurring. Metro Pest offers a variety of techniques that help to stop bed bugs in their tracks. Get A Free Quote by calling today and take the first step in ridding any size home of these annoying pests.

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