Important Death Paperwork That is Required For a Funeral Program in Forest Hill

by | May 24, 2017 | Funeral Services

Every person and family members who has ever lost a loved one has had to go through a process of grieving. Though this grieving process may be disheartening, it must also be remembered that there are administrative burdens that are attached to death. Next of kin and family members are usually surprised when they discover that they need to complete a very lengthy series of paperwork. This is necessary for the planning of cremation, notifications, and other things which are required for a Funeral Program in Forest Hill. Anyone who has recently lost a family member or loved one, or preparing for such a loss should expect to fill up the following kinds of important paperwork:

The Death Certificate

This is the most an essential paperwork that the bereaved family would need to fill so as to be able to move forward with the cremation procedure. It is also crucial for completion of the other paperwork which follows death. This certificate is usually issued by the coroner or medical practitioner and declares that the individual is deceased. As many as ten to fifteen certified copies of this certificate, or more may be needed particularly if the deceased had a huge amount of assets or account.

An Authorization for Cremation

For the cremation process to proceed, the cremation provider requires a written authorization from the family members or next of kin who has the right to sign such an authorization. Subject to the particular arrangements and the provider, additional paperwork may also need to be signed, as well as the making of certain important decisions before the process of cremation can begin.


This is the most difficult piece of paperwork for next of kin or family members to fill after death. It typically comprises of pertinent information such as next of kin, the age of the deceased, date of death, the state, and city where the deceased was staying as at the time of death, etc. If the funeral service is to be open to the public, then the obituary should also mention the venue and time of service. Stating the cause of death is optional and is entirely based on the preferences of the family. The obituary could also mention germane facts about the deceased’s life, for instance, the school attended, work place, or any notable achievements.

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