Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Handyman

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Handyman

If you have a few projects around your home that need to be completed, you might be considering hiring a handyman in Suffolk County. This expert is knowledgeable about all sorts of home maintenance and repairs and often costs a bit more than hiring a specialist. However, before you choose a handyman for your home, you want to be sure the person provides high-quality work. We have made a list of a few questions to ask before you choose the person to handle your tasks.

Do You Have Past Clients Available as References?

If the person has been involved in handyman services for any length of time, they likely have a few referrals they can offer you. This gives you the benefit of speaking with someone who has seen the work the person does. You can get a great idea about whether they fit your needs. A handyman who is wary about providing contact information is probably not the person to choose for your needs.

Are You Licensed?

If your state requires handymen to be certified, this is an essential question to ask. Even if this isn’t the case, certification shows that the person has done above and beyond. Becoming certified requires truly understanding the processes behind the work being done. Always ask about certification and if the handyman in Suffolk County is certified, ask to be a copy of their license.

Do You Provide a Quote Before Work Is Done?

We recommend that you consider a few services before deciding upon one. Each person you speak to should be capable of explaining what their price is per job or hour. This allows you to compare the various options you have available. If at all possible, ask to have the estimate place in writing in your contract. This ensures that you won’t have hidden or extra fees when all is said and done.

Are You Insured?

While it is unlikely that a contractor will be injured on your property, it does happen from time to time. If your handyman has liability insurance, you won’t be the one liable for any injuries. Workers compensation insurance or something similar is also important for your contractor to have. It offers them protection if they are injured, so they aren’t forced to pay medical bills on their own.

Suffolk County Handyman Services

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