Is a Home’s Air Conditioning in Salisbury MD on the Fritz?

There is nothing quite as nice as stepping into a cool and comfortable home on a hot, summer’s day. However, if the air conditioning in Salisbury, MD is on the fritz, this may not be possible. The good news is that most modern AC systems will provide homeowners with a warning that there is something wrong, prior to completely breaking down. Knowing the warning signs of an issue can help ensure service is called for before a breakdown occurs.

Reduced Air Flow

If a homeowner notices there is not as much cool air coming out of the vents as there was in the past, this is a definite indication of a problem. It could be an issue with a blockage in the air ducts or a problem with the unit’s fan. It is a good idea to call for air conditioning in Salisbury, MD service as soon as a reduction in the air flow is noticed, since this is an issue that is only going to get worse.

Frozen Pipes and Hoses

Another sign of a problem is if the hoses and pipes on the interior and exterior unit have become frozen. In many cases, this is a quick fix and will only require additional refrigerant to be added to the system. However, if there is a leak, it may be a more expensive repair. It is essential to turn the unit off if this issue is noticed since more refrigerant cannot be put in the unit until it defrosts.

Strange Sounds or Smells

Homeowners should take note of how their AC unit is acting. If there are any unusual smells or sounds coming from the vents or unit, it is time to call for service and in some cases, repair. Simply listening and paying attention will help a homeowner determine if this is a problem.

If a homeowner does not pay attention to the signs of a problem, the repair bill they eventually receive can be quite high. If a person has more questions, or they would like to schedule service, they can click here. Being informed will help ensure service for an AC system is called for in a timely manner.

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