A Combination Of Therapies For Neck Pain Treatment Can Be Most Effective

Receiving Neck Pain Treatment at a clinic providing integrative health care can be a substantial advantage for the patient. This type of clinic combines conventional medical treatment with alternative therapies for best results. Medical doctors work alongside chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists. Together, they help patients relieve discomfort and regain their quality of life. Their treatment methodologies reduce inflammation, increase flexibility and speed healing.

People who have never experienced these alternative therapies typically don’t know what to expect. When they seek treatment from a chiropractor, for instance, they may expect to only receive spinal adjustments intended to relieve back and neck pain. However, chiropractors also use strategies such as deep-heat ultrasound therapy and electrical stimulation of the nerves. Patients may feel reassured to know that those treatment methods are used in conventional medical care as well, typically in the form of physical therapy.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, is helpful for some patients dealing with neck and back pain. It appears to be more effective for patients experiencing acute episodes instead of ongoing chronic pain. For example, someone who has developed neck pain due to repetitive strain at work or a muscle strain while doing home improvement projects may be an ideal candidate for TENS. During this therapy, the practitioner places electrodes on specific areas on the body and provides the electrical current through specialized equipment.

In contrast, Ultrasound Neck Pain Treatment usually is more advisable for someone dealing with chronic pain that doesn’t involve acute inflammation. The therapy increases blood flow to the affected area, bringing healing oxygen and essential nutrients there. Deep-heat ultrasound therapy appears to allow connective tissue to stretch more easily, providing better flexibility for someone dealing with a chronic stiff neck. A chiropractor can help the patient with stretching exercises that will complement the ultrasound therapy and accomplish effective results.

Adding massage therapy to chiropractic care tends to be particularly helpful. That’s why a facility such as D’Agostino Chiropractic & Associates offers combination methodology to help patients recover quickly from neck and back pain. Someone dealing with this type of discomfort may visit the website for more details. You can also connect with them on Facebook for futher news and updates!

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