Is Nickel Plating the Right Option?

Nickel plating offers a number of aesthetic and practical purposes. From the practical standpoint, it will help to protect against issues with corrosion while improving the overall wear resistance, while increasing the surface thickness. Nickel will enhance the actual physical appearance of an item by adding a bit of brightness. The process of nickel plating is often used for creating a base layer for silver or gold.

In many cases, nickel will be alloyed with palladium or zinc. When it is combined with zinc, nickel offers a much greater source of protection from corrosion than zinc is able to offer on its own. The palladium-nickel alloy offers a reduced deposit of stress and lowers the risk of any cracking that can result from extended wear.

Applications for Nickel Plating

There are a number of industrial applications that are used with nickel plating. There is engineering nickel plating which helps to create a matte finish, since in these applications, aesthetic appeal is much less important. It is also frequently used for consumer electronics. Some industries include telecommunications, computer, and chemical and consumer electronics. The decorative nickel plating, which will usually include the use of some type of chromium additive will increase the brightness of the item. It will often be used for improving the appearance of the exterior of auto parts, such as bumpers and grills. There is also nickel electroforming, where the nickel will be deposited in a mold or mandrel in a manner that is no-adhesive, which is commonly used for communication, textile and aerospace applications.

Is Nickel Plating the Right Option?

There are a number of plating options to choose from including gold and silver, which are extremely popular for a number of different applications. Taking the time to determine the right option is essential to achieve the desired results. Keep the tips and information here in mind to find the right plating option and to determine if nickel plating is right for the specific application you need to have done.

Regardless of the type of electroplating process chosen, there is no question that nickel plating offers a number of benefits for various industries. Take the time to find a company that understands how the plating process works to ensure that superior results are achieved.

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