Three Most Common Types Of Car Insurance In Camp Hill PA

Three Most Common Types Of Car Insurance In Camp Hill PA

There are various types of automobile insurance available to car owners, and it can become confusing when trying to select the best coverage for an automobile. Before speaking to an agent about Car insurance in Camp Hill PA, read about the three most common types of insurance available to car owners.

Liability Insurance

This type of vehicle insurance would protect the other drivers and their vehicles if you caused an automobile accident. Your insurance will pay the damages of all the other parties involved. Because this insurance protects other drivers, car owners are required by law in every state to carry this type of insurance. Even if car owners choose not to have any other type of auto insurance, they must have a current liability policy.

Comprehensive Insurance

Car owners who choose to have comprehensive insurance are covered if their car is stolen, vandalized or damaged by a falling tree branch. Automobile owners who are making payments on their vehicle to a lending institution are required to have this type of insurance. This insurance can be costly and many individuals who don’t have a lien on their vehicle skip this kind of insurance because they can’t afford it. To reduce the cost of this insurance, many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have an anti-theft mechanism or other similar features installed on their vehicle.

Collision Insurance

Drivers who need auto repairs performed on their car due to an automobile accident are covered if they have collision insurance. If the repairs to fix the car will cost more than the total value of the vehicle, collision insurance pays the owner the car’s value at the time of the accident. Automobile owners who owe money to a financial institution for the vehicle are required by the lenders to carry this kind of automobile insurance.

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