Items in Which to Call in a Tree Service in Norwich, CT

Trees can have significantly less maintenance issues than other smaller plants. This can make it easy to forget that trees in the yard do need some attention. These are some of the items that can be addressed with the help of a tree service.

While it is always sad to see a tree die, the tree service in Norwich, CT can take it down if it is no longer viable. Trees that have succumbed to old age, insect invasion or disease can turn into a dangerous situation. Because they are no longer alive to support their trunk and branches, the natural process of decay will cause the integrity to fail. The problem is that there is no way to predict when the strength of the tree will fail. For the safety of the family and the property, these trees will have to be taken down.

Planting a new tree can be an exciting time. Since most landscaping trees already have a head start, the whole process of putting it into the ground can be a challenge. The root balls on some trees will require the aid of heavy machinery. In addition, it is critical that the tree is planted in exactly the right spot in the yard. Planting too close to thdunnstreeservices.come house or to power lines will cause issues later on.

Trimming branches off of a tree can be a dangerous game especially if those branches are heavy. Safety is a top priority when the tree service in Norwich, CT takes down branches of significant weight. If these branches come crashing down in an uncontrolled manner, anyone standing nearby can be injured or killed. Any property caught underneath can also be damaged. It does take a certain amount of knowledge of how branches should be cut to ensure that these branches fall safely to the ground.

Like other plants, trees do occasionally need the proper amount of attention paid to them. Dead trees need to be removed. New trees must be established in the right spot to thrive. Branches must be trimmed safely. Contact Dunn’s Tree Service for any maintenance item related to trees.

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