Keeping Mice Out Of The Home

Keeping Mice Out Of The Home

When someone lives in a wooded area, they will see many types of animals in their travels. Since mice are likely to live in the area surrounding the home, there will be a need to take steps in keeping them on the exterior of the house. Here are some steps one can take to ensure mice do not become a nuisance by getting inside of their home. If mice become a problem, a call can be made to Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Columbia MD for more tips or an assessment of the home.

Keep The Interior Free Of Crumbs

When a home is not kept clean, mice and other pests will try to get into the area as crumbs are most likely present. It is important to take the time to wipe down counter tops with a detergent to eliminate the smell of any food that was prepared on their surfaces. Vacuuming regularly will also help in the removal of any food particles that may have dropped to the floor.

Take Steps To Seal Any Cracks

If a home has cracks in the exterior siding, mice can use them as a gateway to the inside. Doing an evaluation of the exterior of the home often is necessary. When a crack is noticed, it should be repaired, filled in with an appropriate caulk, or covered with a piece of flashing to help keep mice from getting into the home. Take a look at doorways to ensure there is not a large gap underneath doors. These can be eliminated with help from a door sweep.

Use Deterrents Around The Home

Mice will stay away from areas where they feel threatened. Placing hawl or owl decoys in the trees around a home will help in keeping mice at bay. Rubber snakes can be positioned near areas where mice had gotten into the home in the past, so they do not try again in the future. Getting a cat to patrol the grounds is also effective in keeping mice away.

When there is a need to hire a pest control service, Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Columbia MD is ready to jump into action. Check out their website at Sitename to learn more about the services they offer and to get contact information.

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