Kitchen Remodeling Tips: Understanding the Impact of New Cabinets in Tucson

There are many facets of kitchen remodeling, but one of the most impactful upgrades to a kitchen is changing out kitchen Cabinets in Tucson. As it relates to how the kitchen looks, the one item that makes the biggest difference in a kitchen remodeling project are the cabinets.

Percentage of the Budget

One of the best ways to prove this is to look at just how much money new cabinets will take up with a kitchen renovation budget. The average percentage of a renovation budget that is taken up by cabinets is around 30 percent. Depending on the size of the kitchen or the types of cabinets, this percentage can be even higher.

Custom or Standard

The real question is why are these costs so high and what benefits come from spending so much on new cabinets? The reasoning behind the cost is that building cabinets, especially custom size cabinets, is costly because it takes time. Standard size cabinets may be a bit less expensive, but whether they are standard size cabinets or custom sizes, a lot of work goes into creating the average kitchen cabinet.

Affordable Materials

It’s also important to understand that materials can make a huge difference in the price of new kitchen cabinets. When cabinets are of a hybrid design, meaning quality woods are mixed with manufactured materials to construct the cabinets, the cost will be fairly affordable. However, solid hardwood construction, like oak, maple, pine wood or more exotic woods, can drive up the cost of cabinets.

Solid or Exotic Wood Construction

While solid wood construction may cost a fair bit more than hybrid cabinets, solid wood construction can last long enough to outlive the homeowner. In addition, with solid wood construction, if a homeowner wants to repaint or refinish the cabinets, this can be done. It can’t be done with manufactured materials made into cabinets.

While this only covers a few of the reasons for the elevated price of kitchen cabinets, it seems to prove the point that when it comes to remodelling a kitchen, a good deal of money will go to new cabinets. Not only will new quality cabinets improve the function of your kitchen, but they can be a powerful feature used to enhance the new look of your kitchen as well. To learn more about new cabinets, you may want to Click Here.

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