Mediation Services Provided by the Dana Outlaw Law Office

Mediation Services Provided by the Dana Outlaw Law Office

Many people feel that when it comes to contentious legal issues, especially civil issues, the only way to properly address any of these things is by going to court. Fortunately, what a person will find when looking at the services provided by the Dana Outlaw Law Office is that not every legal situation requires going to court.

Avoiding Court Room Trial Situations

There are many times where civil disputes may rise to the level of going before a judge and jury. However, what most attorneys understand is that it is best to avoid this. It’s best from a cost standpoint because somebody is going to have to pay legal fees and court costs. If a particular civil dispute drags out, the legal fees and court fees can pile up for the losing party as well.

Removing Unpredictability

Another reason why attorneys like to avoid going to court are the unknowns. While good attorneys may be able to predict how a judge or a jury may rule on a particular situation at times, there is no such thing as a sure thing in the legal industry. Judges and juries can be quite unpredictable and this sort of uncertainty is one of the main motivators for attorneys to seek out mediation rather than a trial by judge or jury.

Mediation can be a Lengthy Process

Mediation services provided by the Dana Outlaw Law Office are recommended in virtually every civil dispute. Often times, the outcomes can be rather amicable for both parties and it avoids lengthy and costly court trials. The only downside to mediation is that hammering out an agreement that is equitable to both parties can take a bit of time. However, the benefits of eliminating the mystery of the unknowns of a trial by jury makes the time spent in mediation a much better use of resources and money.

If you are facing some sort of dispute, it’s best to speak with an attorney about the possibility of mediation. Mediation is much less formal, it often promotes amicable agreements and it’s much less expensive and unpredictable than going to court for trial. If you’d like to learn more about these mediation services and how they can benefit you and your situation, you may want to Click Here.

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