Kitchen Renovations Including New Cabinets in Tucson Help Disabled People Live Independently

Kitchen Renovations Including New Cabinets in Tucson Help Disabled People Live Independently

After a disabling injury or illness occurs, the person may still be able to live at home independently with modifications to their residence. Kitchens are a point of concern because a standard design is not very accommodating to people who use wheelchairs, have difficulty gripping with their hands, or have trouble moving around freely. A remodeling company that installs kitchen cabinets in Tucson can help a great deal to make the kitchen a friendlier place for a person with special needs.

Renovations for Individuals in Wheelchairs

A renovated kitchen design can offer various features, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Someone in a wheelchair benefits from having some cabinets removed from the floor level, creating open areas under the countertop where meals can be prepared from a sitting position. Additional cabinetry might be added at countertop height so it’s easy to reach.

Some higher cupboards may be installed for items that are used infrequently and that a friend or family member can bring down. This is especially suitable for someone who doesn’t live alone.

Possibilities for Those With Other Physical Challenges

Cabinets in Tucson without knobs or handles are easier for people whose hand grip is weak or painful. They only need to gently pull the door outward. Drawers can have loop handles and should roll out easily. Long, vertical drawers along the bottom can be disguised as cabinets. They pull out and provide access to several shelves.

Some individuals have trouble bending, kneeling, and stooping, so floor-level cabinets are not helpful except for storing things not used often. Others have trouble with balance and need to keep their feet firmly on the floor, meaning they don’t want to reach up for something far overhead. Kitchen remodeling can accommodate people with any of these problems.

In Conclusion

An enormous positive difference can be made in a disabled individual’s life with these types of renovations by a company like Davis Kitchens. Meal preparation and cleanup tasks are not nearly as difficult as they would be otherwise. The person doesn’t have to wait for somebody to come home in order to start dinner. Contact us to get started.

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