When Do Basketball Courts in Branford, CT Need Repair?

Outdoor basketball courts in Branford, CT are great places for families, friends, and entire communities to gather for a good time. However, like any pavement, an outdoor basketball court will start to show signs of wear and tear over the years. To keep an outdoor basketball court in optimal condition, there are several things to be on the lookout for. If any of the following issues occur, call an experienced paving provider for help as soon as possible.

Crocodile Cracking

Crocodile cracking, as the name implies, looks like the hide of a crocodile. Crocodile cracks start out as longitudinal cracks-;long vertical cracks. If the pavement isn’t repaired at that point, the longitudinal cracks will connect with angled lines, eventually making the crocodile pattern on the pavement. Crocodile cracks can be the result of several things, including sun exposure and fatigue caused by years of foot traffic.

Block Cracking

Block cracking occurs when the outdoor basketball court develops large connected cracks that break the court into rectangles. These rectangles can be as small as one square foot but may be much larger. Block cracking can occur as the asphalt binder ages and will only grow worse with the consistent foot traffic an outdoor basketball court gets.

Pavement Depressions

Pavement depressions can happen anywhere on the outdoor basketball court, and they can be a serious hazard for people running, jumping, and playing. Depressions are especially obvious after a heavy rain or a thunderstorm since water will pool up in these areas. This type of pavement issue can occur when the pavement mixture wasn’t compacted properly originally.

What Type of Repair is Needed?

The type of repair needed depends not only on the type of damage but also on the severity of the cracks. In some cases, cracks can be filled and sealed to allow a fully functional basketball court again. In other cases, pavement resurfacing may be needed to ensure a safe and stable area on which to play basketball in the future.

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