Teaching Students About Cultural Activities That Native Americans Practice While Sharing Indian Cuisine In Washington DC

If a high school teacher is teaching their class about native Americans and would like to demonstrate some cultural activities that are practiced on a routine basis, they can provide their students with a hands-on learning experience by following the tips that are listed below.

Order Indian Cuisine And Share A Meal

A restaurant that serves Indian cuisine that is traditionally consumed by native Americans can be ordered from a restaurant that offers a delivery service. Vegetables, cheese, rice, and spices are often combined to create favored dishes. After food items are dropped off at a school, a teacher can collect them and set up a dining area inside of their classroom.

Before serving Indian Cuisine in Washington DC, a teacher can describe each dish that was ordered and describe the ingredients that were added to them. If students enjoy the Indian Cuisine in Washington DC, a teacher can provide pupils with the name and address of the restaurant that prepared the food or information about Heritage India so that individuals can eat there with their families.

Set Up A Makeshift Tepee

If a piece of cloth is draped over long sticks or metal poles that are tied together, a homemade tepee will be constructed. Before assembling a tepee, students can paint pictures on a piece of cloth that are reminiscent of designs that Indians use. To acquire a listing of pictures, a teacher will need to make photocopies of drawings that are in a book or that they acquired from a website. After a tepee is complete, a teacher can welcome students to enter the structure and sit down on the floor while finishing their Indian meals. Students can also sit around a tepee while eating cuisine.

Demonstrate Pottery And Garments That Are Made

While students are eating, a teacher can demonstrate how native Americans make pottery and garments. To provide students with a clear understanding of the steps that are necessary, a teacher should purchase some clay, fabric, scissors, and paint. Although clay won’t harden during a single class, a teacher can still mold clay between their hands and attempt to make a bowl or cup. After cutting fabric into smaller pieces, a teacher can discuss how the fabric is sewn together before it is decorated.

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