Knee Surgery Can Make You Feel Like a New Person

Knee Surgery Can Make You Feel Like a New Person

There are many reasons why your knees may be hurting you. You have developed arthritis, suffered an injury, you are carrying a bit of extra weight these days, or it could be the normal wear and tear of daily life. For what ever reason, seeing a knee surgeon in Oklahoma City could be just what you need to put the spring back in your step.

The Amazing Advances in the Field of Knee Repair

Medicine has grown by leaps and bounds and there are several procedures available to deal with your knees and the accompanying pain. You might need minimally invasive treatments up to requiring surgical intervention. Some of the surgical treatments available now include:

  • Arthroscopy which is where the surgeon inserts a small camera into your knee, allowing him to see and repair any damage with tiny surgical tools. This treatment is generally used to perform reconstruction of damaged ligaments. It can also be used to take out any loose pieces of bone and tissue.

  • Are you suffering from a torn ACL? Many people associate torn ACL’s with sports, but anyone can suffer that type of injury. Once the bruising and swelling dissipates, the surgeon can go in and remove it and insert a replacement.

  • Treating the knee cap with a Patellar Realignment Procedure is done in quite the same way as an Arthroscopy, but in this case a scope is used so that the surgeon can put your knee cap back into the correct position. In this way there is less scarring and pain, plus a shorter recovery time.

Surgery can be Intimidating

For many people surgery can be a frightening thought and knowing that you are in competent, capable hands can be reassuring. Calvin Johnson, MD, is the founder of OSSU and has successfully performed more than 20,000 procedures all over the country. He has worked with professional athletes as well as the grandmothers down the street, and every age between.

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