Learning About Medicare Advantage In Warner Robins, GA

Americans, age 65 and above, can benefit from Medicare. Otherwise, they may not have health insurance. Likewise, those who are disabled or already receiving Social Security are eligible. Other recipients include those with Lou Gehrig’s disease and Puerto Ricans who meet the requirements. Medicare consists of two parts: A and B. Part A pays for hospital visits and skilled nursing facilities. In addition, it covers some home health services. Part B pays for doctor’s visits and other outpatient treatment. Traditional Medicare does not cover prescription medicine, dental visits, or eye glasses.

Medicare recipients must meet a deductible each year. Further, there is a cost for co-payments. Part B costs include a deductible and a 20-percent co-pay on services including diabetes supplies and medical equipment. Another option is Medicare Advantage in Warner Robins GA. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Forms of Medicare Advantage include HMOs and Preferred Provider plans. Medicare Advantage plans pay for the same services as Medicare and most offer prescription coverage.

There are other benefits associated with Medicare Advantage in Warner Robins GA. Many plans have special features like wellness programs. In addition, routine hearing and vision screenings are covered. For instance, clients can receive preventative care, including physicals and flu shots, with no co-pay. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors are suspicious of anything different or new. They need to understand that those who have Medicare advantage are still in Medicare. These seniors have the same government rights and protections as those under regular Medicare. Further, Medicare Advantage plans accept all pre-existing conditions except end-stage renal disease. Moreover, deductibles are a problem for many seniors. Many of them choose to visit public hospitals where they do not have to pay anything.

Interestingly, Medicare Advantage may cover some costs of clinical research studies. Many physicians urge patients to participate in studies. Finally, Medicare Advantage does not charge more for services than Medicare. It is not a program to take advantage of seniors. Likewise, seniors can switch plans if they are unhappy with services. To learn more, Visit the website for Stone Insurance Agency Inc. It is important to use services that are available to make life easier.

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