Training A Sales Team Means Having A Plan

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Business

Your sales team is a crucial part of your company. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to find leads, sell products, and expand the business. However, companies everywhere neglect their salespeople by not training them properly. In most cases, they’re hired and start working on the phones the moment they walk in or after a few hours of education. While education is important, it’s also necessary to focus on the type of options you give and have a plan in place to ensure that each person gets trained the same, so you’re not wasting their time or yours.


In most cases, salespeople already have a grasp of basic skills needed to do their job. They know how to talk to others and dial a phone, so you shouldn’t have to go through those processes. However, you may need to help them familiarize themselves with your phone system and computer systems, especially if they’re designed for your company.

Product Knowledge

The next step is to ensure that they know enough about the products/services to sell them. However, this is a slippery slope because some salespeople gain so much knowledge about the products that they rapid-fire facts at customers rather than talking and listening to their needs. A trainer can help them distinguish between being a know-it-all and being a salesperson.

Various Processes/Options

You’ll also want to consider your means and what that person needs to know. If they’re new to selling, they may require a full course. Others may just need to learn more about prospecting and finding leads, cold-calling, and more. Likewise, it’s necessary, when training a sales team, to realize that everyone is at a different crossroads in their career. Newbies will need more basic information while those who’ve been there longer may just need to brush up on particular skills.

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