Choosing Between an Inpatient Facility and Outpatient Physical Therapist in Old Saybrook, CT

For those who have suffered acute injuries, illnesses, or recently undergone operations, inpatient rehabilitation services can make all the difference in successful recovery and regaining comfort and range of motion. Physical therapy is one important aspect of this recovery process. A Physical Therapist in Old Saybrook CT can help his or her patients either as part of an outpatient physical therapy routine or an inpatient rehabilitation program. Patients requiring intensive rehabilitation as well as those struggling with life-long disabilities are better suited for receiving care at a specialized facility.

Those who face significant impediments in daily life can receive the extra care they need to thrive in addition to more regular visits with a physical therapist who can help them to learn and safely practice exercises and stretches that can help restore mobility and reduce pain and stiffness. The needs of each individual patient will vary depending on the cause of their mobility issues, so it’s important to take an active role in developing a rehabilitation plan with the help of a trained Physical Therapist in Old Saybrook CT. Doctors and other medical professionals employed by rehabilitation facilities will work collaboratively with patients to determine the most appropriate course of action for restoring and maintaining optimum health. This can be empowering for the patients in addition to ensuring that all of their needs are met.

Those facing long-term disabilities may be even more likely to benefit from inpatient care. By choosing a facility that can provide specialized care and help patients to meet their daily living needs, those with long term disabilities are often able to regain a level of independence that would not otherwise be possible. Working with physical therapists on a more regular basis can encourage long-term patients to put forth extra effort and take added responsibility for their progress.

For those who have recently suffered an acute injury or illness, have undergone surgery, or are looking for extra help in managing their long-term disabilities the choice between out patient physical therapy and inpatient rehabilitation is an important one. Click here to learn more about how physical therapy can help patients to regain mobility and manage pain during periods of recovery.

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