Legal Tips from a Personal Injury Attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL

Any time a person sustains a personal injury, chances are that injury may end up in court as a lawsuit. Whoever suffers a personal injury must acquaint themselves with the laws in the state in which they are, concerning personal injuries. That individual must also ensure that they select the best possible legal representation to handle the personal injury case. If the personal injury occurs in Alabama, there is a personal injury attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL who can provide all the information a client will need to successfully fight their case.

The first thing a potential client needs to be aware of is the statute of limitations regarding personal injury. In Alabama, that time frame is two years. If a formal claim has not been filed in the proper civil court within that time period, the opportunity to collect damages from the personal injury is gone. If the personal injury was caused by a government agency or agent, the time limit for filing a claim changes. For the municipal government, the party has six months to file this claim. In the county government, the party has a year to file.

Alabama is one of the few states which subscribes to the contributory negligence rule. This rule must be carefully guarded, because if the is any possibility for the injured party to be found even one percent responsible for their accident and injury, they will not be able to collect anything. If there is any doubt as to whether or not the injured party can demonstrate that the defendant is totally at fault, they will want to ensure that the best possible defense attorney is in place to help turn the case towards the injured party’s favor.

The Law Office of Gene T. Moore has been offering legal solutions for clients in the Tuscaloosa County area for more than two decades. Among the legal services at the firm are workers’ compensation, vehicle accidents, product liability, and personal injury. If involved in an auto accident and in need of a personal injury attorney in Tuscaloosa County, AL,

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