Look For Mobility Aids At Capital Prosthetics And Orthotic Center Inc.

When birth defects, surgery, disease, or traumatic injury leave a person with mobility issues due to missing or damaged limbs, there is the help. Companies such as Capital Prosthetics and Orthotic Center Inc furnish and fit custom orthotics and prosthetics for patients of all sizes and ages. When a prosthetic arm or leg and foot is properly manufactured and fit to the individual, life can change for the better. A person can get out of the wheelchair more often when a missing leg or foot has been replaced. People with spine and neck injuries can move better with cervical collars or spinal bracing.

Help For The Physically Impaired

People with physical impairments due to birth defects, chronic disease, surgery, or traumatic injuries can now regain the ability to move more freely. People who have lost legs or feet can walk again. People who have lost arms or hands can feed themselves again and perform many other life tasks. People who have foot problems due to arthritis, diabetes, birth defect or injury can be fitted with partial foot replacements, foot bracing, special boots and shoes, and shoe inserts as needed so they can walk more comfortably.

People with neck or spinal injuries or who suffer from scoliosis or another debilitating spinal condition can be fitted with custom fit spinal bracing, scoliosis bracing, or cervical collars to reduce chronic pain and allow more comfortable movement and walking. Those with head injuries or who are postoperative with brain surgery can find cranial helmets to prevent further injury. Patients can find prosthetics to help with shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, or shoulder disarticulation.

Prosthetics For Arms And Legs

People born missing arms or legs can be fitted with prosthetics for part or the whole limb. As the patient grows, the prosthetics are changed to grow with them. War heroes and people who suffered the loss of limbs in accidents can get prosthetics to replace the missing limbs, so they are not limited to beds and wheelchairs. Prosthetics can replace the upper arm (transhumeral) or the lower arm (transradial). They can replace a hand and wrist or a foot and ankle. Prosthetics can also replace the lower leg (transtibial) or the upper leg (transfemoral).

Each prosthetic is fabricated and modified to fit the individual patient. For more information, Contact Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc.

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