Loving To Care For Our Pets

Cats and dogs are unusual creatures, and so are we. If you take a step back and look at everything we do and put up with as pet owners, it’s hard to say it’s not an unusual relationship. As a pet owner, you are charged with feeding your pet, providing it with toys, cleaning up after it and taking care of it when it gets sick. And for what? Sure there’s the cuddling and the cuteness, but really is it worth it? Absolutely. Our pets are what give our lives the little twists and turns that we neither anticipate nor look forward to such as your dog ripping up a garbage bag effectively spreading trash over the entire kitchen floor or your cat getting stuck in a tree, but these events find their way to be filed away as memories under endearing and character defining. So it’s no surprise that when our pets are sick or potentially need medical attention, we drop just about everything and find a way to get them into a veterinarian.

Vaccines & Microchips

Pet micro chipping is a wonderful way to insure that your pet will be returned if it should ever get lost. Because getting lost is the number one cause of death in animals, it’s a great preventative measure that will help to keep your mind at ease. Preventative medicine and vaccines are the best way to insure your dog or cat will be as healthy as possible. Determining what diseases your pet is susceptible to and administering the appropriate immunization is a task any Chicago veterinary hospital should be able to provide, but finding the right hospital for your dog or cat can be overwhelming.

Kittens & Puppies

Core vaccinations are given to puppies and cats in order to protect themselves and other animals from getting disease. Where you choose to have these early shots is often where you will bring your pet for the rest of their medical needs, so it is a great opportunity to find the best possible Chicago veterinary hospital for you and your animal. One great feature a veterinary hospital can provide is its hours of operation. Will it be easy for you to bring your animal in after or before work? While you’d assume all veterinary hospitals and clinics would be staffed with compassionate animal lovers, it’s always a good idea to check. Much like you would investigate a new school for your child, it may be worth swinging by the clinic or hospital to ask a few questions and maybe go for a tour.

For more information about a Chicago veterinary hospital, please contact Metropolitan Veterinary Center at website.

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