Making Sure They’re Certified: Why Your Lifeguards Need CPR Training

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Education

If you’re part of a team that oversees a public pool, beach, or summer camp, you’re likely familiar with the process of hiring extra lifeguards—often younger people, like teenagers—for extra shifts during summer. In that case, you likely know that it’s not only important for these lifeguards to know how to swim, but also have proper CPR knowledge. It’s commonly believed that lifeguards are only needed to keep an eye on the water and save swimmers in trouble before they get to the point of requiring CPR. Unfortunately, this particular way of thinking clashes with reality.

The Dangers Of Summer Swimming

One of the most common places where people require CPR are public pools and summer camps. This is due to the relatively cramped conditions in these areas where there are literally dozens of people in the water at any one time. This makes it difficult for a lifeguard to spot someone that is potentially drowning. While you may say that the people around the person would be able to notice it, you need to understand that a vast majority of cases where people drown in pools or summer camp lakes involve children who, due to their small size, often go unnoticed in the throng of people. In cases like this, CPR can mean the difference between life and death, and if you have a lifeguard that doesn’t have a BLS certification from a proper Sacramento CA training facility, then you are liable to have a lawsuit on your hands.

Why Proper Training Is Important

Aside from the fact that it can save lives, proper training helps to reduce cases where the application of CPR results in injury to the victim. Bruised or broken ribs are some of the most common injuries seen in when CPR is applied improperly. In fact, this type of injury is potentially deadly if a broken rib were to puncture the lung of the person who is receiving the procedure. Proper training helps to reduce the chance of injury, and ensures that those with the proper certification know what they are doing at all times.

Just remember, people’s lives can be on the line at any time, and it is better that the people that work under you know how to perform proper CPR. Without such training in place, you are likely to be sued due to improper safety procedures for your business that should have been there.

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