Medical Spa Services in Carlsbad

Medical spas combine a soothing sanctuary and self-care with proven clinical treatments, focusing on skin care. What makes medical spas different from other types of skin care or day spa businesses is their emphasis on long-term customer care. Carlsbad has a number of high quality medical spas, which provide an array of services in a comfortable, safe environment.

1. Body contouring. One of the specialized services that a medical spa in Carlsbad will offer is body contouring. When combined with lifestyle changes, body contouring can dramatically improve the appearance of fatty tissue. Customers who use body contouring services like TruSculpt receive painless radio pulses to mobilize fat tissue and reduce the appearance of cellulite too.

2. Vein treatments. Varicose veins make wearing bathing suits and lingerie a lot less fun. There are several methods of vein removal and control that a medical spa can provide.

3. Wrinkle fillers. Only a medical spa like Rejuvine can provide the array of wrinkle filler treatments that are currently available in Carlsbad. Wrinkle fillers like Belotero and Radiesse deliver as promised to minimize the appearance of wrinkles without plastic surgery, and yet with long lasting results. These treatments provide the optimal solution for most people who want to live a natural healthy lifestyle without surgical interventions but who also want to maximize their beauty.

4. Botox and Perlane. There are several injectable treatments that also help to improve the appearance of the skin and help you look younger. These types of treatments are available at medical spas in Carlsbad like Rejuvine.

5. Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. Microdermabrasion and acid peels are some of the most common and loved methods of rejuvenating skin and helping you to glow.

6. Laser treatments. Medical spas offer different types of laser treatments that work beneath the surface of the skin to reduce redness and scarring.

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