Methods for Treating Fertility in San Antonio, TX

Treatment facilities for fertility in San Antonio TX provide assistance for couples aspiring to become parents. A couple is considered to have possible issues with fertility when there is no successful pregnancy after a year of trying. When turning to medical treatment for fertility issues, tests are administered. Blood work detects medical conditions that contribute to infertility. Doctors assess the status of reproductive functions to determine if there are any hindrances in the process leading up to conception. When contributing factors can be found as an explanation for infertility, treatment can be given accordingly. Women and men are tested for infertility because reproductive problems involving one or both genders can contribute.

Fast track IVF is beneficial to women of advanced maternal age, with the speed of treatment being a major factor in success. It skips the step where multiple doses of follicle stimulating hormones are administered. This is a step that helps a woman produce more eggs, but doesn’t really increase the success rate of IVF. One healthy egg produced in an ovulation cycle with no drug assistance is used for in vitro fertilization. It has been proven that women with age as a fertility factor have higher success rates when IVF is performed without waiting for drug-enhanced egg stimulation. It’s believed there is more value in getting IVF done as quickly as possible when age is the cause of infertility.

Freezing embryos is done for women who wish to get pregnant at a later time. Eggs are fertilized and frozen before patients reach an advanced maternal age. It’s also an option for extra embryos produced in a single transfer procedure. Frozen embryos are either transferred at a later time for a second pregnancy or for another attempt after an unsuccessful transfer. Cryopreserved eggs are stored in an environment that reduces the risk of DNA damage. The age a woman becomes pregnant is no longer a concern when embryos were frozen much sooner. Ninety-five percent of embryos are unharmed from freezing and thawing. Fertility in San Antonio TX can be enhanced with the skills of fertility doctors. Click here to learn more.

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